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The first thing came to any one's mind is how they are made up of......some stone quarries contain a high degree of quartz combined with the slate bedrock. We use that soft rock from various quarries and from these quarries we derive our thin flexible stone veneers sheets.

Our thin flexible stone veneers sheets are purely a natural stone veneer material or a real stone tiles, it is absolutely a new & innovative material to many architects, designers, kitchen cabinet and furniture manufacturers. Our thin flexible stone veneers offer the beauty and durability of real stone without the installation hassles and weight of full-sized stones. Measuring only 1 mm to 2 mm thick, our natural stone veneer panels are lightweight and suitable for use on most interior and exterior walls. Made of real stone, our thin stone veneers are a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative. This product is a superior answer to manufactured (faux) stone.

These thin stone veneers allow installers to cover a large surface area in a short amount of time with little waste. Thin flexible stone veneers sheets provide a timeless, rich, rugged beauty and warmth that no other interior or exterior product can provide. As the sheets are made up of natural stone….you receive the unique individual shapes, textures, sizes and color qualities that only Mother Nature can create.

Every thin flexible stone veneer sheet will be different as every piece consists of a thin layer of real stone as no two stones are exactly the same besides thin slate stone veneer is actually a Natural Stone Veneer so color & texture variations are the property of this material. Texture variations with color difference are inherent part of the natural beauty of quarried material. Stone Veneer can not be guaranteed to match with each Lot, it is recommended that material should be accepted in lots of 20, 40, 50 sheets to match. Large orders will be executed in bundles of 50 with 2-3 matching lots in each bundle. Exceptions of large lots are also a possibility.

Thin flexible stone veneer is a Natural Stone Veneer lamination with smooth black backing. It is produced with a fleece backing in black color having a seam in the middle which appears when the light is passed through it. Thin flexible stone veneer is also water proof once installed and effectively creates a tough moisture barrier.

Using our thin flexible stone veneer means five times increased coverage on your project......besides you will get the following advantages:

  • Less weight also means easier installation, lower shipping & transportation costs (less carbon emissions) and no footing requirements – all of which means big savings for you.
  • Thin Stone Veneers are a 100% natural stone product, so it looks beautiful and lasts a lifetime.
  • Thin Stone Veneers are the original lightweight Flexible Stone Veneer with unlimited application possibilities.
  • When renovating your existing kitchen cabinets draws, is easy to install over existing tiles. This means you don't have to remove existing stone tile while renovating, and no demolition materials to haul away.
  • Our Thin Stone Veneers are available in two standard sheet sizes:
    A. 24" x 48"
    B. 48" x 96"
    C. Custom sizes available.
  • Thin Stone Veneer is an exceptional building stone offering the beautiful warm color blend variety of browns, gold tones, bronze, tans and greys. This stone also features a unique dendrite fern pattern creating an additional signature look that will enhance the beauty of any project.
  • Thin Stone Veneer panels are very flexible and allows installation on both concave and convex surfaces besides it can move with structures making them invaluable in regions prone to hurricanes or earthquakes. Dimensional stone cladding is brittle and has low flexural and poor impact strength. Thin Stone Veneers alleviates the concern with traditional solid stone that the stone can warp from cutting and temperature fluctuations.
  • The natural Thin Stone Veneer is inherently Green Product since it opens up new applications, and also provides energy savings through reduced transport costs and easier installation.
  • Thin Stone Veneer is easily installed using standard woodworking tools and adhesives. Special stone mason skills are not required.

Our Thin Stone Veneers can be adapted for many uses. The product can be used for interior walls, fireplaces, exterior walls, and can even be added to existing brick or concrete structures with very little modification. Natural thin stone veneers will add a lasting value to your home.