Quality Control

Quality Control

We, at MOON EXPORTS INDIA, follow strict quality control policy to offer international-quality products to our customers.

1.) The process starts before order confirmation. We prepare sample sets showing as exactly as possible the color and pattern to customers to obtain their approval on a particular product along with price confirmation. The quality parameters are also decided at this stage with size tolerance generally being ± 1mm, thickness variation being ± 1mm and right angle being perfect ninety degrees (90). All these are mentioned on the proforma invoice, which also includes buyer's signature.

2.) The order is then communicated to the production/purchase department, which sends the purchase order to the concerned factory along with copies to the branch office in Ongole , A.P; if required. The field inspectors responsible for quality checks also get a copy of the same. Quality inspectors always carry measuring instruments like Vernier scale, right angle, rulers, measuring tape, etc. during field visits.

3.) The branch office monitors quantity and quality of the production with the factory at different stages of production, starting from the sample set. If the sample set is not produced according to the specifications, then the factory staff is trained for the same and machines are accordingly calibrated to produce the desired tolerance. Inspections are conducted at 10%, 50% and 100% stages of production. Inspection reports are sent to the head office. If any factory is unable to meet the quality standard after production, then the order is canceled at the 10% stage and transferred to another factory.

4.) Along with the inspection report, the head office receives photographs of the desired product. At the same time, planning for crate manufacturing starts and the quality of crates is also checked and approved by the inspectors.

5.) Once the production is complete, the field inspector sorts material and packs it. The chief quality officer from Ongale office then does the inspection of 30% of the material at random on each quality parameter and submits the report to the head office at Jaipur. After the report is checked and approved, the production manager at the head office gives his consent and thereafter, the buyer is informed.
All communication is done by email so an entire record is maintained of the correspondence for subsequent reference.

6.) If a third party (such as SGS or Bureau Veritas) inspection is required, then that is also arranged as per the requirements of the buyer.

7.) Loading at the factory and unloading at the port are photographed and a record is maintained by the shipment department. Also, at the time of loading in the container, our shipment agent is strictly instructed to send photos of every loading, so that production department can check the quality of crates, lashing and stuffing. If crates don't reach in satisfactory condition at the port, then our agent repairs them and sends photographs to purchase the department at the head office and only after receiving the approval, proceeds with the container loading.

We aim at timely delivering the intact products in perfectly packed condition with desired quality.